South Africa  June, 2018

Scotland  February, 2018

Poland May 11-May 14, 2017

California Retreat  Dec. 2017

Ireland with Paul Hedderman April, 2017

Ojai, California  October 27-30  2016

Costa Rica  February, 2015

Netherlands  March, 2015

London  May 7-10, 2015

Mexico  September 10-13, 2015

Hawaii  October 14-18, 2015

For more information please contact: ejackpete@yahoo.com

Dzogchen Teaching Retreats:

Through my book I have attempted to present the main principles of Dzogchen in a very generic and easy to understand manner.  I have included many meditation exercises that one can apply in order to experience the meaning and intent of these unique and precious teachings directly.

You can purchase the book through Amazon in either book form or Kindle.  You don't have to have a Kindle device, you can just download the free app. for either your computer or Iphone.

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Basic Texts Explaining Dzogchen:

Just as a note, the term "rigpa" is the most important word in Dzogchen. It means our pure awareness that is already present, awake and perfect without any need to construct it or free it of imagined defects.  The following texts point this rigpa awareness out to us directly and succinctly.

Dzogchen Ati Yoga

The Great Perfection Teachings

Our purpose is to present the Dzogchen teachings in a completely generic and culture-neutral context.  I believe Dzogchen is for everyone to study, learn and practice without regard to religious or traditional restrictions.